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Commission are currently OPEN

Starting as low as $20.
Prices below.

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Commissions starting as low as $20

- Prices -


Pick one

+$15 per option for each additional character

+$10 per option for each additional NSFW

  • Bust sketch: $20

  • Waist up sketch: $30

  • Full body sketch: $45

  • Bust, clean lines: $30

  • Waist up, clean Lines: $50

  • Full Body, clean lines: $75

Color and Shading

Pick one

+$20 per option for each additional character

+$15 per option for each additional NSFW

  • No Color (Lines only)

  • Single Color: +$5

  • Flat color: +$20

  • Simple depth: +$35

  • Full depth: +$50


Pick one

  • No Background (Flat color)

  • Transparent (At least single color image required): +$5

  • Basic background: +$20

  • Simple Background: +$30

  • Complex background: +$50

  • Simple background is a prop or two, complex is a full setting.


Extra Characters (Up to 4): +$15 each, +per optionNSFW: +$10 per character, +per option

Discord Icons

$25 per individual icon
$100 for a set of 5 icons

Romantic Cover Art Illustration

$100, up to two figures. Title optional.

Let me know what characters (Maybe a basic plot) and see what I come up with.
If you're looking for more control with the design, please refer to my main pricing guide.

Digitally painted images start at $200 and are figured on a case by case basis.
Please contact me with any questions or if interested.

  • Please have any references and\or descriptions ready.

  • Drawing will not begin until at least half is paid, and will not be released until any remainder is paid. Initial deposit is non-refundable once drawing has begun.

  • Wait time is generally expected to be about a month per picture, depending on complexity and current work load. Actual time can vary; updates can and will be provided as needed.

  • Please feel free to contact me with questions or for clarification.

I reserve the right to use any created image on any of my social platforms or in my store unless otherwise agreed upon.

Prices are subject to change based on the complexity requested. Please do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions.

All monetary exchange is done through Paypal invoicing for transparency and ease of mind. Please have your email ready when commissioning an image.

In the case of full linework, the sketch can be provided for proofing. Any revisions must be made before lines are begun. Once the sketch is approved, I tend to focus on the creation and will seem quiet for a time. Please feel free to request an update at any point.
If a specific feel or colour set is requested, a flat colour preview can be provided prior to any shading for approval.

Will Draw

  • Light Gore

  • Pinups

  • Furry (Complexity of character may affect cost)

  • Fan Art

  • NSFW

  • Portraiture (Human, pet, OC, or real)

Will be considered

  • Mecha

  • Cyber/Steampunk

Will not draw

  • Extreme Gore

  • Minors (primarily in romantic or suggestive situations. Please contact me with questions.)

  • Anything illegal

If unsure, please do not hesitate ask.

Currently available

Please contact me if you wish to purchase anything

$15 + shipping

8.5" x 11"

$15 + shipping

8.5" x 11"

$15 + shipping

5" x 7" print

$30 + shipping

Contoured and padded tiddy Mousepad

$35 + shipping

29" x 44"
Fleece lap blanket
One in stock

$18 + shipping

11" x 17" poster
One in stock

$18 + shipping

11" x17" poster

$18 + shipping

11" x17" poster


Satan loves you body pillow -
preorders opening soon


Sky Daddy body pillow - preorders opening soon